United Kingdom:


NFU – UK horticulture growth strategy 2023

Education and Employment Sub Group of The Ornamental Round Table Group – Review of Education and Employment Working Group Activity – January 2023

Growing a Green Economy – Oxford Economics and Foresight Factory 2021

Unlocking Green Growth – Ornamental Round Table Group (OHRG) action plan 2021

Horticulture Sector Skills Report – Pye Tait October 2019

Horticultural Sector Committee Report – Sowing the seeds: A blooming English horticultural sector



Farming Facts and Figures, Wales 2020

The State of Horticulture in the UK – Cardiff University 2019



Scottish Environmental Horticultural Growth Strategy 2023

Scottish Horticultural Action Plan 2017



Teagasc our Agricultural Research and Advisory Agency report last year titled Horticulture Crop Input Price Inflation 2022

Irish Farmers Association has called on Government to reintroduce the Horticultural Exceptional Payment Scheme which was brought in 2022 to help alleviate financial pressures

 Bord Bia, the Irish Food Development Board, have produced a number of reports on the  horticultural industry 

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine – National Strategy for Horticulture 2023-2027

 Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine to discuss challenges facing fruit and vegetable industry in Ireland, with focus on reducing food loss and waste. The Bord Bia Director of Horticulture and academic leaders present submissions on the state of the industry in Ireland and then they take questions from the Committee. It illustrates the challenges facing this sector of the industry and while it relates to Ireland it is relevant to Great Britain.




AHDB is the levy funded Agriculture body carrying out research and development for livestock, dairy and agriculture sectors. Horticulture and potato levy payers voted in 2021 on the future of the statutory levy, the decision was made to wind down activity in these sectors.  You can access historic AHDB levy funded work which includes research projects, guides, factsheets and tools across all crop sectors.


Horticulture Crop Protection Ltd (HCP) has been set up by the UK Horticultural industry to take over the processing of pesticide minor use applications (EAMUs) and emergency authorisation applications, following the wind-down of AHDB Horticulture. HCP operates on a ‘not for profit’ basis and is owned and funded by the Crop Associations. A small team at HCP team manages the EAMU and Emergency Authorisation approval process. This also includes carrying out residue and efficacy trials to support applications where necessary.


NFU Horticulture works to protect growers interests and create opportunities for their businesses. The website has a wealth of information for growers in every sector.


HTA represents and supports UK garden businesses in the ornamental sector. An informative website containing everything you would need to know at Garden Centres, retail and marketing.


BPOA or The British Protected Ornamentals Association is a trade association representing both growers and the allied trade within this sector of horticulture. The Association’s primary aim is to ensure that resources are directed towards grower’s needs for R&D, marketing and political representation, thereby helping nursery businesses to grow together, and raise the profile of their industry. This is achieved through the activity of the Association’s Technical Committee and Home Grown Users’ Group.


ISHS or The International Society of Horticultural Science is the leading Global Scientific organisation in the field of Horticulture.


Hort Daily is a daily summary of Global Hort News and is a must for members looking for a global perspective. Free sign up and the copy lands in your inbox


British Growers Association is a grower owned, grower led, not for profit umbrella group comprising a range of organisations operating in the UK horticulture industry and fresh produce sector. The membership includes Crop Associations, Producer Organisations, marketing groups and professional membership groups. Their key aim is to raise the profile of UK horticulture by encouraging a greater understanding of the industry and its importance to the UK economy


Perennial is a UK charity dedicated to helping the individual and their families working in or retired from any job involving working with trees, plants, flowers and grass during difficult times. Follow the link for further information